The birth of FOIN started from the base of the stock trading business in US Stock. At that time with the many regulatory constraints related to the payment of fiat money to many members around the world (with all the pros and cons), it was finally decided to adopt the blockchain technology and the birth of a cryptocurrency called FOIN
For the sake of building a complex and complex FOIN infrastructure, the company finally took a number of steps:

  1. Convert all assets to FOIN. It could be said at that time was the pre ICO FOIN stage. (with all the pros and cons at that time) but the decision must be taken.
  2. Choosing an IT center in Ukraine as a place for world-class developers
  3. Choosing an IT team that is reliable while making one of the world’s best crypto experts like Ruslan Salatov to lead the project.
    Building a large project in the IT field is not instant. Sometimes the target plan that has been decided does not go according to plan. Lots of system bugs that need to be fixed at the same time trial and error to ensure the system fix. This is sometimes what makes some investors counter to the company, because it often misses what was planned. In the midst of the demands of some investors and exposure to oblique news, FOIN company continues to work hard to achieve the target. The company continues to inform the progress that has been achieved. Since it first entered the market at a price of 165 $ / foin to the end of 2019 at the end of 2000 $ / foin, everything has been done while building the FOIN brand as one of the best technology crypto. Starting from the initial $ 100,000 trade volume in 2017 to date at $ 10 million per day is also one of the progress that has been achieved. In addition there are still some progress, namely:
    Hacked as the most difficult technology has been broken by hackers
  4. Already has its own infrastructure called FOPAY which will continue to grow because of the payment gateway performance platform in various fields
  5. FOIN has been accepted as a payment instrument at 200,000 merchants throughout the world through its partnership with Cycelbit. Not all crypto can work together with cycelbit.
  6. Some of the big merchants in Thailand’s product categories have also received FOIN FOPAY for exchange, and this will also continue to spread to other countries.
  7. Many world-class travel companies are starting to use FOPAY FOIN as a payment gateway
    Now at the end of 2019, the FOIN FOPAY infrastructure has begun to be fixed and ready to be used by all users of foin throughout the world.
  8. BUY BACK FOIN will start immediately in early December 2019
    One of the advantages of Foin is that it already has a large community throughout the world. The December 2019 plan for which WD foin holders will be charged a fee is a form of corporate control in maintaining FOIN prices in the market. By knowing the demand data for FOIN sales as a form of disbursement, this will be used by companies as a form of determining the amount of FOIN value that will be BUYBACK gradually, while continuing to build the FOIN trust itself in the global market.
    That the company itself will act as the buyer of FOIN for holders of foin in the beginning, where there is still a large portion of funds that have so far been played in the US STOCK trade, less funding for FOIN infrastructure development so far.
    With the burden of the FEE on each FOIN value automatically the shift of internal FOIN to the market will also be gradual, as well as this strategy to keep FOIN prices stable at the expected price.
    Only FOIN has its own payment gateway infrastructure called FOPAY and also only FOIN has many members scattered throughout the world, because the number of communities is also one of the keys to success in the field of cryptocurency.

Fundamental analysis of FOIN:

  1. FOIN has better technology with more security than bitcoin. This means that the valuation is more valuable than bitcoin or other crypto.
  2. FOIN has different business models, one of which has its own infrastructure as a payment gateway called FOPAY
  3. FOIN is currently being abducted by a world-class crypto expert named Mr. Ruslan Salatov
  4. FOIN has begun to be widely accepted as payments in various fields such as Travel, Health, Education, beauty and many others.
  5. More and more people will need FOIN as a payment solution that is global without many regulatory and discount constraints as is the case with FIAT money.
  6. It could be that the existence of fiat money will be completely distrusted with criptocurency, because the concept of criptocurency is (the same amount) so that inflation will not occur “IT IS ALREADY THE TIME” With this analysis does not rule out FOIN will be able to be the best cryptocurrcy.
  7. Only FOIN has every coin backed up with AI (artificial intelligence) in US STOCK stock trading, as a business base.
  8. Is there a large crypto that currently has its own infrastructure as its own payment gateway? This is also a different value.
  9. This large, existing and scattered community throughout the world has also become a different value for FOIN, because it is certainly interesting for business people (merchants) as an opportunity to scale up their business. With the FOPAY payment gate way offer, of course their business will also be increasingly known by many people around the world “automatic advertising for them”.
  10. More and more people are using FOPAY, automatically the existence of FOIN will also increase, because of the use of the same logo (silent marketing)
  11. That one of the industries that has a large domino effect is travel and tourism. With the receipt of FOIN FOPAY as a payment gateway in the travel business, this will be the beginning of FOIN demand which continues to increase gradually “slow but sure”.
  12. The concept of all 100% FOIN total supply in which 50% of supply is kept by the company for price control, it also becomes a different value FOIN itself. If we look at chart movement, this has also been seen how when the FOIN price is bearish, not for a long time it will always return to normal prices.

This the analysis of Fundamental foin, and digital assets have been proven to have a lot of added value and different value compared to competitors.
That Fopay also from now on continues to start a lot of campaigning related
“Criptocurrenncy payments for the trade, business and financial services sectors”
And make the FOPAY platform a payment gateway solution for any business. From a short analysis going forward that PAYMENT GATEWAY with criptocurrency can be a favorite choice of millennial generation, because it will be more efficient and cheaper. FOPAY as a multi-cryptocurrency wallet will have more and more users and automatically the FOIN value will also be affected both by value and real demand.
many of them spread negative news about FOIN only with the aim of buying foin at cheap prices. the presence of many scammers is also evidence FOIN is a concern of many people. in the end with the different value that FOIN has as a payment gateway in various fields, this will give its own value points and the best choice in criptocurrency investments

FOIN = Has Many different value and be the best criptocurrency

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